Automate your energy reports

Stop doing manual work for your energy reporting, focus on what matters most for growing your business.

Your own analyses, delivered

1) Upload your Excel or Word reporting templates

2) Connect your energy data sources

3) Get your reports with the frequency you need

What’s in for you

Fully automated

Downloading, controlling and organizing your data is simply done.

Your own format

Get the results directly in your own Word or Excel template.

When you need it

Argo will keep it updated with the frequency you need.

Safe and secure

With Argo, you can always be sure that the data is kept confidential.

Pay as you go

You can start with only few reports and upgrade only when you need it.

In three steps

Upload your template, connect your data, select the frequency of the reports.

Highest reliability

Stop checking twice your energy data, keep them stored and secure.

Easy integration

Argo ingests data from all your monitoring systems, data loggers or meters.

Get the job done

Make yourself a promise: stop wasting time and brains in doing repetitive tasks!
With Argo you have your energy reports delivered exactly how you’d do, without doing anything.


Avoid logging in and spending hours in your spreadsheets for delivering periodic reports. Stop struggling on your IT issues, avoid expensive software.

Improve profitability

Increase your operating margin by up to 35%. Avoid wasting money on low value activities and invest on what’s more profitable for your company.

Get more productive

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks such as copying and pasting data in a spreadsheet: gain time for the most important tasks to grow faster.

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